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Take your dreams of becoming a pilot as far as you wish! Omaha Flying Lessons has programs for pilots of any skill level to obtain the license they desire. read more »

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Welcome to the world above the clouds! Omaha Flying Lessons is thrilled to have the opportunity to open your eyes to the amazing world of flight. read more »

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Welcome to the leading flight lessons reservation site in Omaha! With professional pilots and instructors who have years of aviation experience under their belt, Omaha Flying Lessons has a network of flight instructors that is second to none. This extensive network allows us to provide you with high-quality flight schools and reservation process to distinguish us from the competition.

Whether you are looking to obtain your pilot's license, add to your ratings or just wanting to fulfill a lifelong dream to fly, allow us to match you with the perfect flight school to suit your needs. While there are several schools to choose from, you can rest assured that Omaha Flying Lessons has assembled only the most reputable and trusted instructors in Nebraska as part of our flight training network.

Your comfort and safety is, and will remain, our top priority. At Omaha Flying Lessons we aim to give you more than just a simulated flying adventure. Instead of imitating the experience, we will match you with a flight school that gives you the REAL taste of flight, from the cockpit of an airplane.

Contact Omaha Flying Lessons today at 1-402-578-0005 to schedule your class!

  • Beech Bonanza A36 Before Takeoff.
    Beech Bonanza A36 Before Takeoff.
  • Twin Engine Cessna 421 in Flight.
    Twin Engine Cessna 421 in Flight.
  • Pre-flight Aircraft Inspection.
    Pre-flight Aircraft Inspection.
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