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Omaha Flight School

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Sport Pilot License Omaha

Sport License

Are you a thrill seeker who loves to fly? Obtaining a Sport Pilot License is one of the easiest and least costly ways to enjoy your favorite way to fly whether an Airplane, Balloon, Powered Parachute or more. read more »

Private Pilot License Omaha

Private License

Are you considering flying as a career? With a Private Pilot License (PPL) you will be able to fly friends, family and loved ones anywhere you would like and start your professional career as a pilot, today! read more »

Pilot Instrument Rating Omaha

Instrument Rating

Grounded in bad weather without an Instrument Rating Certificate? Enroll in an instrument flight rules (IFR) course through our Omaha Flight School and fly in almost any weather condition. read more »

Omaha Commercial Pilot License

Commercial License

Whether your goal is to fly for a major airline or just take your flying career to a new level, our goal is to find a reputable flight school that will provide you with the best and most comprehensive course of study. read more »

Take Your First Discovery Flight or Obtain Your Pilot's License!

Trust your aviation education and certification to the experienced and reputable instructors in our Omaha Flight School network. We know how important flying is to you that is why we have made sure our Omaha Flight School affiliates employ only FAA Certified Pilots to ensure your safety and give you the best experience possible. If you have a passion for flying, you will know there is nothing as exhilarating...we make sure you are in safe hands as you enjoy your time in the Nebraska skies.

Our Omaha Flight School offers several options for the beginner or experienced flyer. If you want to taste flight for the first time or are an enthusiast who loves to fly then a Discovery Flight Lesson is best suited for you. This one-time 30-minute adventure puts you in the action seat with no commitment on your part. However, if flying is more than a hobby for you then you will benefit from affordable training classes that equip you to fly the aircraft of your choice. Our independent Omaha Flight School instructors will train you to obtain a commercial pilot license, private pilot license, sport pilot license and instrument rating after the completion of the required aviation training programs.

Whatever your desire, our Omaha Flight School network of flight training experts can make your dream a reality. To begin learning how to master the skies like an experienced pilot, simply choose your level of interest in flying so we can match you with the school and instructor that is best suited for you.

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